SHENQIANG is one of the strongest suppliers of the fine chemical products in China. The availability includes but not limits to those of Amino-, Nitro-, phamasuticals and those for dying stuff, hair-coloring and food industry. SHENQIANG has won high credibility in the market as well as through the customers attributable to the reliable quality of the goods, the faith in performance and the provision of full range of services.

    You are assured to have SHENQIANG as a strategical partner as its professional expertise, financial background and competitive strength can be expected to deliver.

    In the Nearly Ten years our company manage fine chemical products, including amino acid, nitryl, medicine, dyestuff, hair dye and so on. We make part of the products, the other part of them are traded.
Our Company is fairly strong in technology, having steady quality, best credit, strong strength, high efficiency and circumspect service. The Products are best sold in and out of our country, export to Germany, America, and England etc., which are best commended by consumers here and oversea.

    We insist on the spirit of ^quality first, customers paramount ̄, welcome the friends of new and old to our company. We will do our best to serve you and meet your request. We hope us to be reliable business friends. And we Sincerely expect you can put precious advice about our products quality and user service.

    The products of Shenqiang Company are out port to German, America, England and so on.

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